LED Lighting

  canstockphoto8997546So what are the benefits of LED?

  • LEDs can give up to 75% in energy savings.
  • They last up to 25 times longer
  • Fluorescent tube replacement LEDs strike up very quickly as they don’t need a starter or ballast to start them.
  • In HiBays, there is no glass that can shatter, they contain no lead, hydrargyrum or other harmful contaminates.
  • Light deterioration is only around 3% over its lifetime
  • They require less ongoing maintenance, which reduces risk especially at high-level working.
  • LEDs produce a fraction of the heat of other lighting types
  • Massive reductions in Co2

  canstockphoto12194888Lights are available in a variety of colours to suit different environments. This can eliminate the dullness of environments caused by lower colour temperatures, such as sodium lamps, or higher colour temperatures, such as mercury lamps.

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