Steam Boilers

We can offer you the following Maintenance and Repair Services:

Daily Maintenance

  • Steam sight glass blowdowns
  • Daily water quality inspection and testing
  • Testing of Low and Second low alarms to ensure steam boiler safety cut outs

Weekly Maintenance

All of the above daily checks plus:

  • Flame failure lock out inspections
  • Flame ignition failure tests
  • Magic eye inspection and cleaning
  • Evaportion testing to low, second low alarms and high and feed pump cut out high alarms

Monthly Maintenance

All the above daily and weekly checks including:

  • Steam trap inspection and testing
  • Preasure reducing valve checks
  • Safety Valve inspections
  • Pumps and motor inspections
  • Hot Well inspections


Steam Boiler Strip down insurance inspection


After the Steam Boiler Strip down

After the insurance preperation and key component parts have been inspected we offer a Steam boiler start up preperation with insurance inspector details below:

  • Steam boiler leakage testing
  • Testing of low and second low alarms to ensure boiler safety
  • Testing of high and second high alarms
  • Testing of Safety valve operaton
  • Testing of high pressure cut out switches
  • Testing of correct blowdown operation
  • preparing the steam boiler to come back online after passing insurance inspections

We offer a Repairs service for the following

  • Presure reducing valve
  • Steam traps
  • Float traps
  • Steam valves
  • Pumps and motors
  • ignitor packs
  • sample points
  • blowdown valves
  • steam meters